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What do we vet for?

We work hard to ensure that both the family and sitter are paired with safe and trustworthy people. We run a detailed background search on everyone.

How do we pair you with families?

Sitters and families are paired based on their availability and needs. We look to make sure that the sitter can keep up with family needs.

3 Strike system

Since we work hard to make sure that everyone is protected and cared for we implement a 3 strike system. If a family or sitter is involved in 3 negative instances then they are removed from the service.

Cancellation Policy

Please respect your sitter and families' time by giving a 24 hour notice or we will have to charge a $20 fee. We understand that life happens but want to be respectful of everyone's time.

Concierge Service Additional Info

*After hour response times in the late evening or early morning (11PM - 8AM) may vary.  We will do our best to answer or reply ASAP or by 9AM the following morning.

**Based on availability.

By signing up for this service you agree to us running a background check on you based on the information you provide at checkout.

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