More About Sitterbank

What is SitterBank? 


  • Let SitterBank help manage your child care.
  • We are a high-end concierge service that helps manage your childcare needs.  You can reach us by phone, email, or text.
  • Last minute requests, no problem. We got you!
  • We do are best to ensure that we have some of the best sitters in Charleston. 
  • We follow up right away and specialize in filling recurring care needs or even last-minute requests!


  • This is a boutique service that prioritizes getting sitters the best jobs!
  • You can reach us via phone, text or email
  • You set your own rates and get paid directly by the parents!
  • Have access to On Call jobs! These are typically last minute, higher paying jobs! 
  • Your background check is included! 

More Info!

Signing Up for Your Service

  • Sign up for our monthly subscription to have access to sitters or jobs
  • Fill out the form that was emailed to you after signing up
  • Book sitters at your convenience through our form or by emailing

How do we know who to trust? 

  • Every person that signs into this service is background checked to ensure everyone's safety is put first
  • We also value your feedback heavily so please be sure to let us know at any point if you don't feel comfortable

3 Strike System

  • After 3 complaints or offenses we will take into consideration if you are still allowed to use our service.
  • Our top priority is valuing your time and safety

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Still have questions? Give us a call at 843-829-5435 and we'd be happy to answer them!